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Wednesday 16 March 2016

Pedagogy MCQs Part 16

pedagogy mcqs for all test preparation
151. In Teaching Experienced Member Guide The Immature One's For?
A. Quality Of Life
B. Adjustment Of Life
C. Speeding Time
D. Qualification

152. Which Is Not The Focal Point Of Triangular Process Of Teaching?
A. Teacher
B. Pupil
C. Teaching Method
D. Contents

153. The Goal Of Teaching Is?
A. Desirable Change In Behave
B. To Give Information
C. To Involve Pupils In Acuities
D. To Impart Knowledge

154. The Rules Of Presenting The Contents To Make Them Easy Are Called?
A. Methods Of Teaching
B. Techniques Of Teaching
C. Teaching Strategies
D. Maxims Of Teaching

155. SOLO Stand For?
A. System Of The Observed Learning Outcome
B. Structure Of Observed Learning Output
C. Structure Of Observed Learning Outcome
D. System Of The Observed Learning Output

156. SOLO Taxonomy Consists Of Leaves?
A. 2
B. 3
C. 4
D. 5

157. With Reference To Solo Taxonomy One Aspet Of A Task Is Understood In
A. Relativanal Level
B. Extended Abstract Level
C. Unstructured Level
D. None of above

158. Two Of More Aspects Are Understood In?
A. Unstructural Level
B. Multistructural Level
C. Relational Level
D. Extended Abstract Level

159. Interration Is Developed Between Two Or More Aspects In?
A. Unistructureal Level
B. Multistructural Level
C. Relational Level
D. Extended Abstract Level

160. To Go Beyond The Given In Formation Is?
A. Extended Abstract Level
B. Unstructured Level
C. Multistructural Level
D. Relational Level

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