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Monday, 22 April 2019

Who Had Knowledge Of Dreams

Who Had Knowledge Of Dreams? A. Hazrat Umar (RA) B. Hazrat Abu Bakar (RA)
C. Hazrat Usman (RA)
D. Hazrat Ali (RA)

B - Hazrat Abu Bakar (RA)

Who Called With The Title of "The Sword of Allah".?

Who Called With The Title of "The Sword of Allah"? A. Hazrat Ali (RA) B. Hazarat Umar (RA) C. Hazrat Khalid Bin Walid (RA) D. Hazrat Ali (RA)

C. Hazrat Khalid Bin Walid (RA)

Who Added Second Azan For Friday Prayers?

islamiat mcqs, nts mcqs
Who Added Second Azan For Friday Prayers?
A. Hazrat Abu Bakr (RA)
B. Hazrat Umar (RA)
C. Hazrat Usman(RA)
D. Hazrat Ali (RA)

C. Hazrat Usman(RA)

Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Islamiat MCQs Part 27

islamiat mcqs
261. Which Prophet of Allah was eaten by Shark fish?
A. Prophet Yunus AS
B. Prophet Muhammad SAW
C. Prophet Isa (AS )
D. Prophet Moosa AS

262. Who is the seal of all Prophets?
A. Prophet Yaqub AS
B. Prophet Harun AS
C. Prophet Muhammad SAW
D. Prophet Yunus AS

263. Which Prophet heard the Conversations of Ants?
A. Prophet Muhammad SAW
B. Prophet Sulaiman AS
C. Prophet Adam AS
D. Prophet Moosa AS

264. Which Prophet remained in jail for 10 years?
A. Prophet Ayub AS
B. Prophet Shuaib AS
C. Prophet Yusuf AS
D. Prophet Ibrahim AS

265. How Many Prophets are Mentioned in Quran?
A. 23
B. 24
C. 25
D. 1 lac 24 thousand

266. The miracle of Dromedary (camel) is concerned with which Prophet?
A. Lut As
B. Idris As
C. Yaqub AS
D. Saleh AS

267. Which Prophet had impediment in his tongue (trouble speaking)?
A. Haroon AS
B. Eesa AS
C. Zachhariya AS
D. Moosa AS

268. Which Prophet Suffered from Skin Diseas?
A. Prophet Harun AS
B. Prophet Saleh AS
C. Prophet Yaqub AS
D. Prophet Ayub AS

269. Which Prophet is mentioned for the most time in Quran?
A. Prophet Isa AS
B. Prophet Musa AS
C. Prophet Ayub AS
D. Prophet Adam AS

270. Which Prophet became alive after remaining dead for one hundred years?
A. Prophet Isa AS
B. Prophet Ezra AS
C. Prophet Adam As
D. Prophet Muhammad SAW

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Saturday, 10 November 2018

Current Affairs MCQs Part 28

current affairs mcqs 2019
271. Archipelago is called cluster of?
A. Flowers
B. Islands
C. Stars
D. Trees

272. Foundation of India National Congress by A.O hume in.?
A. 1877
B. 1885
C. 1878
D. None of Them

273. Name the German scientist who invented the atom bomb.?
A. Hahn Otto
B. John Waker
C. John Gutenbger
D. None of Them

274. Headquarter of UNESCO is located in.?
A. Paris
B. Berne
C. Geneva
D. London

275. Athing (oldest parliament of word) is parliament of.?
A. Denmark
B. Iceland

276. Study of earthquakes is called as?
A. Ecology
B. Seismology
C. Oncology
D. None of these

277. Name of the firs cloned sheep?
A. Dolly
B. Micky
C. Mameen
D. Jakor

278. Lack of ____ Causes diabetes?
A. Sugar
B. Insulin
C. Calcium
D. Vitamins

279. “Babylon” is the famous city of?
A. Iraq
B. Jordan
C. Kuwait
D. None of Them

280. Euro currency was launched in?
A. Jan 1997
B. Mar 2000
C. Feb 1998
          D. Jan 1999 

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Thursday, 8 November 2018

Computer MCQs Part 25

computer mcqs

241. What do we call the part of the screen you can click on which displays a list of commands?
A. Menu
B. The computer
C. Some documents
D. None of these

242. What do you call the space where the computer does its processing?

243. KB, MB, GB, is respectively?
A. Kilo Bytes Mega Bytes Giga Bytes
B. Kilo Bits Mega Bits Giga Bits
C. Kelvin Bytes Medium Bytes Giga Bytes
D. None of these

244. A set of 8 bits is called?
A. Bite
B. Giga bite
C. Mega bytes
D. Birney

245. What is termed the portion of RAM set aside for temporarily holding information read from a disk?
B. Cache memory
D. Disk cache

246. There is a modem which can handle FAX protocols and transmit dat. What this data is called?
A. Fax modem
B. Data modem
C. Both a and b
D. None of these

247. The capacity of a hard disk depends upon the?
A. High speed motor
B. Movement of read
C. Number of disk platter stacked
D. None of these

248. Which software controls basic I/O device?
A. Device driver
B. Ant-virus tool kit
C. Business software
D. Operating system

249. The medium is used by input dives light pen for graphical input is?
A. Interpreter
B. Binary coded
C. CRT screen
D. Flow chart

250. The translator program that translates each line of the source program as it run is called?
A. Interpreter
B. Binary coded
C. Decimal interchange
D. Flow chart

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Friday, 1 June 2018

Pedagogy MCQs PDF

pedagogy mcqs pdf free download

Pedagogy is the theory of different types of education and variations of teaching. The defined as the method of teaching. Here you are going to get Pedagogy MCQs PDF. You know the importance of pedagogy in education it also known as the method of teaching he can help us to how teach student in class room and the behavior of teachers in class rooms. In this pedagogy mcqs pdf book you will learn and read all about teaching method. I have tried to share important questions so I have created this book which have multiple choice questions. This is a Volume 1 and In-Sha-Allah soon as possible I will share with you the more volumes of this book. Pedagogy MCQs also available on this website the many users have request me to create PDF of this mcqs. You can find other subjects mcqs pdf on my website. My aim is to help student to prepare competitive and jobs employment test. For regular updates like our Facebook Page to get MCQs and updates about our new books. The download link of this book is given below please click on this you will go to download page and simply click on download button the file will be start downloading. If you are facing problem to download this so please read first how to download. If any other problem please contact me. Please read and share with other to help in test preparation remember me in your prayers.

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Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Pakistan Current Affairs MCQs Part 24

new 2018 pakistan current affairs mcqs
231. Name the first female speaker of National Assembly of Pakistan.

A. Banazir Bhutto
B. Shaheen Mizari
C. Fehmeeda Mirza
D. None of Them

232. When first general elections were held during Pervaiz Musharaf reign?
A. 10 Oct 2002
B. 11 Oct 2003
C. 12 Oct 2002
D. 13 Oct 2003

233. When Pervaiz Musharaf took over the responsibility of government after removing Nawaz Sharif's Government.
A. 11 Oct 1999
B. 12 Oct 1999
C. 13 Oct 1999
D. 14 Oct 1999

234. Where the plane C-130 of Zia Ul Haq crashed on 17 August, 1988?
A. Near Lahore
B. Near Islamabad
C. Near Multan
D. Near Bahawalpur

235. During Zia era who had the authority to ban the political party?
A. Commissioner
B. President
C. Governor
D. None of These

236. When East Pakistan was separated from Pakistan?
A. 17th Dec. 1971
B. 10th Dec. 1971
C. 15th Dec. 1971
D. 16th Dec. 1971

237. Bhutto replaced Yahya khan and became the president of Pakistan on:
A. 18 Dec. 1971
B. 19 Dec. 1971
C. 20 Dec. 1971
D. 21 Dec. 1971

238. When the 1973 constitution was enforced?
A. 15 August, 1973
B. 14 August, 1973
C. 13 August, 1973
D. 12 August, 1973

239. Who became Martial Law Administrator of Pakista after Ayub Khan?
A. Gen; Yahya Khan
B. Gen; Tikka Khan
C. Gen Ahsan
D. Gen; Rehan

240. Who apponted General Muhammad Ayub Khan as the chief Martial Law Administrator?
A. Aziz Ahmad
B. Yahaya Khan
C. Iskandar Mirza
D. None of These

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